Monday, April 23, 2012

Quilt Labels and Old Stoves

Have been working on getting labels made for the quilts that I have finished this past couple of weeks.  Here is the one for Reese Tulip ready to be sewn on.  The printing fabric you buy by the sheet is so hard to needle, but by making a little border ala log cabin it's a breeze.  There is a cute little poem I found on the internet which I don't think you can make out.  Here it is in case you would like to use it also---

This quilt is made of cloth and thread to place upon your little bed.
It's not an heirloom - just to keep - but to lay upon as you count sheep.
Or perhaps the floor's the perfect place for a dolly and teddy picnic space.
 The quilt can be anything you dream - from Superman's cape to the robe of a queen.
Pretend it's a raft adrift at sea or just cuddle up when you watch tv.
 So use it up and wear it out - I promise I won't yell or pout.
Just tell me when its days are through and I'll make another just for you!

I'm sorry I did not find out the author - if I do, I will post it and give credit where credit is due.

Now, about old stoves!  I just did a post on my Pieces of the Past about cooking and heating stoves back when I was a little girl.  Clear at the top of my sidebar here on Funoldhag is my picture as a little girl with my doll buggy and doll  --click on that and it will take you to Pieces of the Past if you would like to check out that post.