Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quilting, Quilting, Quilting

There is a lot of quilting on this little piece.  I am now down to the border and there are a lot of short, straight little lines under each block which I am marking a few at a time and quilting a few at a time.  It is turning out nicely, but is taking forever.  I sew for a while and leave it for a while.
The end is in sight, though, and I will be glad to start binding it and have it finished.  I think the Mexican Star will  be much quicker.  I had a hard time deciding what to do with this one and think it turned out okay.
The corner - at least I have turned one and started down another side.  Back at it!


carol fun said...

It is looking mighty fine! You are putting a lot of quilting in this one. I love the look of lots of quilting but I'm usually too lazy to carry through. Keep that sewing machine humming along.

Karen said...

Mighty fine indeed! LOVE the photo of Henry on your sidebar, what a beautiful face.