Friday, April 20, 2012

Short, Sweet Post

Some little fellow is now standing on his own two feet and ready to explore that big, wondrous world out there.  He looks as if he is very serious about whatever task he is working on!   Seems like he is changing so incredibly fast.   Just wanted to share the cuteness with you again. 


carol fun said...

Simply too cute! and is that a train quilt I spot under his feet? That is cute too!

Pokey said...

Very Big Grins!!! too cute ~

Norah said...

He gets visibly excited each night after we get home and I spread out the train quilt for play time. We can tell it is his special blankie. :)


Jewels said...

Lovin the chubby legs LOL

diegoagogo said...

Oh my how adorable!! I love the name Henry, I nearly called my son that name but alas his surname just did not match.
I am loving the quilts!
London, UK