Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet Little Pin Cushion, Fran's Jungle

 I took in our quilt show this morning - and a fine one it is as always!  We are a talented bunch, the quilters of Q2!   I am going to spend all afternoon there on Sunday taking my turn at being at the door and then just having fun socializing with the rest of the gals. I will also take my camera along and take pictures of the lovely quilts hanging for everyone to enjoy.   About half an hour before closing, everyone comes in to pick up their quilts so it's kind of a party.  I also shopped our bazaar.  I knew Lori, my friend who makes pin cushions, had made some little rings to put your pins on and I wanted one.  I have a "Lori" collection as you  can see if you check out  the March 17th post.
I took the picture from two angles so that you can see all the neat little pieces in the ring cushion.  And it is sitting on a piece of Kaffe fabric that I just bought today.  There is even some of the lime green in the fabric in a different part of it.
Also a few posts back, I posted a picture of a round robin or strip quilt from several years ago and was wondering if Fran, the owner of this cool piece, had ever quilted it.  Well, she did and here it is.  Fran is our featured quilter this year and her quilts are in the foyer and the hall leading to the show.  She has a lovely display of her work. 
Here you can see the pretty quilting.  She also said she had some of the fabric left with the large leaves and added some of them in strategic spots.  I think this turned out to be about the best round robin type quilt we have ever had in our guild.  Will post more pictures after Sunday.  Have a fun weekend and if you live in or around Midland and can get to our show, come enjoy some beautiful work.


Leslie said...

I am home and we had a wonderful time shopping and looking at everything in Paducha. The quilts were great. I am tired. I bought you a "wish you were with us" gift. Can't wait to see what you do with it. You are beyond creative. Talk soon.

Karen said...

That sure is a sweet little pincushion!