Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working on Some Finishes

The binding is machine sewn on my pretty hexie flower quilt now and ready to be turned over and handsewn down.   It's been quite a while since I have sewn the border on a large quilt and I have to get working on it - the quilt show is the weekend after the coming one and the quilts are due to be taken to the Carriage House a week from tomorrow morning.
Here is a little sewing machine cover that I quickly put together.   It just goes over the machine and has ties to tie it on each side.  Very easy to do.  It's binding needs to be sewn down, also.  The little snowball star is all done now except for a label.  I will take its picture tomorrow and show that one last time.  Then will have to get it to the little doll I made it for. 
I didn't make these darling little houses - found them on Pinterest.  There is a tutorial that goes along with them at      Just thought you might enjoy checking them out.  Would also make cute appliques.

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Karen said...

Love the sewing machine cover!