Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Double Header This Morning

Yesterday, Leslie taught a class in wool applique and what a fun class it was.   One of my favorite people (I have a lot of favorites in the guild!), Leslie is a lot of fun and a joy to be around.  Her work is beautiful - she does a lot of handwork.   For this class, we were given a bag of wool pieces to go with the pattern we had chosen (there were two possibilities).  The patterns are her own and are fun just like their creator.
Looks like I don't have the birdie cut out yet.  Instructions and tips were given on the art of the buttonhole stitch and also she showed us lots of beautiful threads that are out there for use with this method.  And what gorgeous wool she had - all colors and all sized pieces.  She has also felted lots of it herself after purchasing woolen clothing at a thrift store or elsewhere.  This is something that I could really get into and actually have in a very limited way.  To sum it all it, it was a great day spent with a great teacher and equally great classmates!  Hope we have more classes like this in the future!  I definitely look forward to finishing this little piece.

Now, I said this post was a "Double Header" - so I have here another picture for you -
On Mother's Day, Sherry came over to get a stubborn clump of grass out of my big pot outside and while she was here we skyped with Henry and his parents.  He was getting sleepy and a little grumpy until his daddy started "cheering him up" in the background doing something Henry really loved.  It finally dawned on me that I could take a picture of my monitor and capture that cute little fellow.  He was laughing that deep little belly laugh that little kids do.  You had to laugh just watching and listening to him.  I should have taken some earlier, but this is a cute one regardless.
Methinks he's a spitting image of his father and they most certainly have a mutual admiration society going on there.  Sorry about the glare from the window - but this is such a cute picture of this happy little family!!


Sherry said...

Love that Skype - and it's free!!

Jewels said...

Sounds like a fun class Carol! And he is getting so BIG! LOL j

Karen said...

Sweet pictures of Henry and I love the wool applique!

Leslie said...

I am glad that you had fun, and I love your fabic choices with the wool. I'd finish it on the machine if I were you. You do that sooooo great!!! Then I can take it with me to other classes. lol