Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Favorite Old Book and a Vintage UFO

 Here is an old book that has always been one of my favorites authored by Jean Wells,
the quilter who has the shop in Sisters, Oregon, where the big outdoor quilt show is held every year.  I have never been to it, but I would certainly love to have seen it.  
This book was published in 1981 and I bought it in my early years in quilting.  I made quite a few things in the string piecing technique and just loved all the embellishments with lace, floss and buttons that Jean did.

I was also absolutely fascinated with the darling illustrations by Marina Wood that graced the pages of this book.  I have two other old books by Jean in that same time period and Marina illustrated those, also.  Just gorgeous.
 Here is a vintage  unfinished maroon velour robe (influenced by the book) that I almost finished in the 80's - zipper is in, it needs hemmed,
lace sewn around the yoke (I was smart enough to keep the lace with the robe), a closure of some sort, buttons, french knots and maybe some other embroidery to embellish  the yoke and
the cuffs, which already have the lace sewn around them.   I always loved velour and wish it would come back.  

I don't imagine I am the only one who has pretty skeletons like this hanging in my closet!  Why did/t I finish it?  I don't have a clue!  The upside is that had I gone ahead and completed it, it would have been in tatters by now and, as it is, it's like brand new!   Maybe some day Sherry will embellish and hem it.  She always loved to do that sort of thing and was very good at it.  I will put it back in its plastic bag and hang it in the back of my closet to wait patiently for the final touches and then to one day keep someone comfy and warm when she wears it.  


carol fun said...

That is so pretty! I don't have anything that nice hanging in the back of my closets. I have come across a couple of dress projects I didn't finish but after looking at them they weren't worth finishing and I cut them up for other projects.

Jewels said...

Carol that actually looks quite nice! Hopefully it will get finished some time....had fun tonight. Talk to you again soon. J