Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Ready to Plant

A nice cool day after one that was almost 90 degrees - I'll always take temps in the 60's and 70's over that.  Although, I must say, the humidity has been so very low the past days that it really makes a big difference.  Seldom do we see humidity in the low 20's and 30's.  75 degrees can be awful with high humidity.   I had already bought some hanging baskets earlier, but today I went to a greenhouse I like out in the country and bought some plants for some pots I will be planting.  The little orangish yellow and hot pink flowers are little zinnias.  Then I have some sweet allysum, dusty miller and pink begonias.  I hope the deer do not have a big appetite for these.   I have had them in the past and they seem to have made it through.
I could not resist this big red elephant ear plant.  They had some planted in containers and this one will go in that big pot in the background.  Again, hope the deers aren't anticipating this morsel. 
A large pretty leafed begonia that I think will have small whitish flowers on it.  Pretty foliage.  I also bought a red leafed shamrock like plant that will go with this and other things in a planter on my front stoop.
The big pot awaiting planting.  It has some pretty chartreuse viney stuff that came up from last year.  (Some growing on the ground, also)  Love the blue fescue and the pretty small flowered filler.  This will also have some of the dusty miller and sweet allysum and the elephant's ear.  I like lots of different colors of foliage and different textures.
With the space under my front window looking so much nicer since they pulled out the terrible old bushes and but in this pretty little boxwood, I wanted something between them with some color.  I found the stands at Kmart and put a couple of baskets in them.  If I can find some chain, I will make the little baskets hang in the holder the way they should, but it works fine this way.  Notice I bought some new hose to match the rocks but it was driving me nuts trying to get it spread out.  Maybe when it gets hot!
A gorgeous New Guinea impatiens that Sherry gave me for mom's day.  I am going to put it in a bigger hanging planter with some of the allysum and maybe some of the chartreuse plant that is growing by the big pot.  I will start planting tomorrow.  I am finding that my stamina isn't what it used to be, but guess if you take it slow and steady you get done eventually.  That is why I don't want to plant as many pots as in the past.  So, will post some more pictures when I get done! 


Leslie said...

Pace yourself sister!!! lol Your flowers are just wonderful, I just love going to a greenhouse, it just makes me happy, also!!!

Jewels said...

Wow Carol - your going to be busy! I need to come over and check it all out including your new patio furniture LOL - I'll bring the drinks. Have a great Memorial Day.Hugs. J

Karen said...

Lots of beautiful plants Carol, your garden is going to be lovely!

Lizzie P said...

You're an example to us all!

Pokey said...

Your flowers are so pretty, I hope the deer leave them alone. Your mixed baskets are gorgeous. BTW, I liked the "monitor" photo of Henry, what a blessing skype is to the far away family!!