Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Heart Quilt Books

One evening last week, I sat down on a little hassock and went through and straightened up the books on my shelves to some extent.  (The ones of the lower shelves are hard to get to anymore - that's what happens when you get old!)  There are many!  I have been quilting for a long, long time - the books have been purchased over more than 35 years.  That does not include lots and lots of magazines which I have now weeded out the past years and taken them to our bazaar at the quilt show.  The files on my computer are also filled with pictures and ideas and now Pinterest. 
Not my first books, but I have had these for many years and have looked through them many times.  My husband gave me the Engagement Calendar Treasurer for Christmas one year and it is filled with beautiful old quilts from many years ago.  The newest ones in that book are, I think, ones by Nancy Crow in the 1970's.

Here is an example of a quilt that really catches my eye in the first book.  It would be right at home with the quilts being made today.
Scattered on the floor are a potpourri of books - from Baltimore to primitive to contemporary.  I guess you can see that I love all different categories of quilting, including reproduction quilts from the 30's and 40's and paper piecing.  

Enough for today on this subject - don't want to lose my followers!  And I so love the fact that you actually read this stuff I write!   Working on my blogs is something I enjoy so very much and I thank you  for dropping in on Funoldhag. 


Donna~~ said...

That Quilt Engagement Treasury book is one of my all time favorites--so full of inspiration! Glad to see someone else appreciates it too!

Jewels said...

Oh dear - and here I am contributing to your book addiction LOL - but it is interesting to look at the older ones and see how things have changed!

Leslie said...

Had alot of fun today, love your fabrics that you chose to go with your wool. You crack me up with your thread mess. You are certainly a prize. I got laughing to myself about it again just a few minutes ago.