Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kind of Exciting

This is Sherry sitting on the front steps of the little house in Chillicothe, Illinois, where we lived when Bill, our son, was born.  Looking through Pinterest the other day,  I found this picture -
and I think you will agree that it immediately brought to mind the little house above.  That prompted me to do a post on "Pieces of the Past", another blog I do that probably a lot of you may have seen .  It is all about my family on both sides, my late husband's family on both sides and our family.   It's full of pictures and stories that I have and have blogged about.  Quite a few of the posts have been about Chillicothe where Ray grew up (I grew up just three miles south in a little town called Rome--which had at least three taverns and one grocery store - period.)  I did go to high school in Chilli and we were married there. We lived first in Rome then in Chillicothe until the ATSF moved us to Ft. Madison, Iowa and then we moved a lot more.

Why am I telling you this?  I had an e-mail from a  Chillicothe  newspaper which is an independent paper and is published weekly.  The news director had found my Pieces of the Past blog and wanted to know if I would like to share my memories.  Well, to make the story short, some of my blog posts will be published in the Chillicothe Independent which is just plain cool.  She sent me a sample of the first one (she had asked me for an idea of where to start) and it seems like it will be a lot of fun.  I am sure there are still quite a few people in the Chillicothe area who will remember me and maybe I will hear from some of them.   I feel good that people enjoy the pictures and the little stories and memories I post.  If you haven't checked out Pieces of the Past and would like to, click on the little girl with the doll in the doll buggy (that's me) and it will take you to POTP.  Will let you know when the first piece appears!   I must say, I am enjoying this.


Pokey said...

You are a good writer, dear Carol! What a neat event to be happening for you. & yes, the house does look like yours!

Karen said...

How wonderful Carol!

Leslie said...

How neat! Elle and I have said it before "you would have loved college and you would have been great at it."

Jewels said...

This is so cool Carol - be sure to send links! J

Sherry said...

So proud of you, Mom! You always were a journalist at heart!