Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last Weekend's Quilt Show

One of the beautiful quilts that hung in our Q2 guild quilt show over the past weekend.  This beauty was designed and made by Linda, who did the beautiful quilting on my hexagon quilt posted a few posts black.  It is incredible.
A delightful piece with beautiful fabrics and colors and a wonderful out of the ordinary center for an around the world quilt.  Sorry, I don't remember the maker's name to give her credit.
The center of the quilt plus a closer look at the fabrics.
Leslie did this beautiful piece.  It features hand appliqued wool patterns and is beaded, also.  Scrumptious.
A closeup of one of the blocks.
 A striking hanging with beautiful quilting.  
A closeup of a block on one of the quilts I will show in my next post.  This gorgeous little block with its absolutely wonderful quilting is by Kathy.  She has mastered machine quilting!   Stay tuned to see more on this quilt plus other lovely ones in a day or two!    We had a very successful show with the largest attendance yet.  Before I post next, I am going to look up to see how many shows we have had.  Enjoy the little quilt show!


Karen said...

Beautiful quilts Carol and I love Henry catching some rays! One very sweet little man.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful quilts at the show...and I agree with Karen....Master Henry is precious!

Hugs, Carolyn