Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spending Time in the Basement

The past week I have spent a lot of time in the basement going through my fabric.  My storage method is not really great - and things were in need of being sorted out.  Usually, I go through things before our quilt show and donate fabric, etc,  to the bazaar, but that didn't happen this year.  This all kind of started when I decided it was time to put the Christmas decorations back on the shelves at the rear of the basement.  I was able to get them downstairs but never did put them away because of  being sidetracked after Christmas with the breathing problem which is doing so much better now.
Along one side, I have these three shelves and straightened out this group.  I could probably get rid of most of these fabrics.  There is some African, oriental, and just what is left of some of my earlier pieces.  Some wool, also.  Lots of odds and ends that don't get pulled out very often.
Under my cutting table was a mess - but it's nice and neat now.  The white container on the right end is just for scraps that I can't throw out.  There is a bin with Aunt Gracie fabric, one with Kaffe, another with dots, stripes, etc., one full of the fabric I am using in the Nancy Page quilt and on the left end civil war reproduction fabric.  A small one on top is a group of pieces that are a great mix and would make a great quilt and the other small one is full of charm squares and fat quarters.  And I keep buying more!!  I still have my reds to go through - they are in a drawer in the chest. 
The batiks - they were messed up more than any of the others.  Hard putting some of the pieces with their "relatives" since they are so multicolored.  I have two more containers of small pieces and then there will be one for fabric I hope to do an applique quilt from Edyta Sitar blocks.  I think I will have to live at least 20 more years to get all this done.

And, last night the deer visited my yard and had plants from the front stoop pot for a snack plus just about ate the entire planting from one of the little wrought iron holders under the front window.  I guess they like anything anymore.  I may just get a bracket and put it by the front door and hang a plant there.  People are using the deep repellent spray, but it smells awful awful awful when you use it.  Guess they have to eat, too, -  wonder if I'd put some carrots out if they would leave the flowers alone!


Sherry said...

Are you for hire? You do such good work!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Great work!! Sometimes you can get lost cleaning and organizing your stash ...also very hard to let it go!

Those deer!:( You need "Chester"!!

xx, Carolyn

Jewels said...

Phew that's a lot of work Carol! So sorry about those dang deer and your garden...What about this weather!

Leslie said...

oh and you worked so very hard planting!! I remember on year my painted daisies were just ready to open and a family of bunnies at them all. What to do--you tell me.

Karen said...

Well done with your organizing Carol and very sad about your plants.