Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two Vintage (Really Old) Wallhangings

I think this is the first applique that I did and it is very primitive.  Not even quilted, it does have batting but I just sewed the backing and top right sides together and turned it.  The tabs were sewn in the seam and were at the top when the turning was completed.  This picture was taken from one I saw in a magazine and loved.  Again, the fabrics are just the tiny prints and solids.  I did use some buttons and lace to embellish.
This hung in my kitchen in Overland Park for a long time. 
I did sign this poor little piece and I recall how I had really forgotten how to do the running stitch in embroidery so it is pretty ragged.  So is my satin stitch applique.  Can't even remember which sewing machine I was using at the time - think it was a Golden Touch and Sew.
Another wallhanging - this was made at a later date and I had become quite a bit better at satin stitching.  This is hand quilted - rather large stitches but not bad at all.  I used cotton sateen in several quilts back in those days.  Love the sheen - makes the quilting look so pretty.
A closeup of one of the blocks.   Thought you might enjoy these old pieces from the past.


Molly said...

I think that applique is adorable!

June said...

My goodness, I well remember those vintage fabrics and I have several of them still in my stash - particularly the bright yellow with the tiny flowers. Such a great blast from the past! Thank you.

Karen said...

I love seeing your pieces from the past, both are excellent!