Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Week of Planting

I'm just about done with my planting and have been working at it for the major part of the week.  Getting slower as I get older, but I am still able to get things done as long as I stop and take a break once in a while.  Sometimes that is pretty often!   Not to complain - at least I can still do it.   Did cut down some and not plant as many containers - plus utilized some preplanted pots and hanging baskets.   Here is the pot I had in a previous post now that it has been planted.  There was some of the chartreuse hanging foliage (I think it's called Creeping Jenny) left in the pot and also some on the ground that had rooted.  I was able to use all of that.
I think this will be very pretty this summer.  Hope the deer don't like these things - if they do, I am going to have to resort to getting some of that stinky stuff.  Lots of the residents here are doing that.  Not looking forward to that at all.
A hanging basket on the corner of the house.  Planted it differently this year with the little zinnias, dusty miller and sweet allysum.
A container for the front stoop - pretty fancy leaf begonia, shamrock, allysum and begonias plus a trailing plant.  There are so many beautiful filler plants in the nurseries anymore.  Lots of things that you never saw five or six years ago. 
The pretty New Guinea impatiens plant Sherry gave me - I put it in a larger hanging basket and put in four or five pieces of the free Creeping Jenny that I salvaged.  Looks like it is going to make it fine.
One of the $8.00 hanging baskets I got at Kroger!  It is so gorgeous.  I had both of the ones I had bought there on the outside of the patio--hanging, of course.  One night the deer did eat a couple of big blooms from the plant that they were able to reach.  Now they are where I hope they are safe.  I hear there is a three-legged doe with some kiddies that has been coming around for several years.  I have not seen her, but she has been spotted numerous times. 

Gardening is such a joy - I have loved it for years and still do.  When we first moved to the Kansas City area, I had a little old neighbor two houses up from me who had lots and lots of flowers in her yard.  Her husband had been a gardener, too.  Her name was Cora Abbot and I always called her Mrs. Abbot.  Such a sweet little woman - she had a little tractor seat on legs and would sit on that while she worked with her flowers.  I never knew her age for sure, but I feel I must be "Mrs. Abbot" now.  And I don't feel like that is a bad thing at all!   As they go by, the years bring changes to all of us and we just seem to naturally accept them.   If you can get around, are relatively pain free and still have most of your wits about you, life is very good.


Leslie said...

Plantings look just wonderful. Watering each day is a job, but i don't mind doing it, what I don't like is fertilizing.

Jewels said...

Looking very sweet Carol - nice job! J

Vicky F said...

Your plantings are just gorgeous! You have a talent for color and composition.
Vicky F

Karen said...

All set for summer, look beautiful Carol!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful plantings.. they will bring you smiles all summer long!!

xx, Carolyn