Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Different Sort of Bird

Where I live, there is a variety of wild life - not only the deer that eat our flowers, but wild turkeys are also frequent visitors.  Skunks, racoons, and foxes have also stopped by from time to time.  There is a small woods next to us and a little further down on the Dow property there is a huge wooded area so there is an abundance of critters in the area. 

Looked out my window a little while ago and there were three turkeys lounging in the yard across the street from me.  Usually they are scrounging around under the bird feeders cleaning up what the birds have dropped.  Don't know the relationship of these three creatures - whether it's mom and two kids or some other family arrangement.
They are all down resting again after doing a little moving around.  Resting in the shade on a lazy Sunday afternoon - certainly no traffic or human beings out and about to bother them.  Kind of nice living in a quiet little neighborhood!


Jewels said...

Crazy Carol! I don't think I've ever seen them resting like that. In Philly at the moment catching up on things. Love Henry's "nudie" pic LOL

carol fun said...

Ok - we've got wildlife in our neighborhood but not like this. Right now I have a family of mallard ducks that come up and eat the dropping from the bird feeder and I've seen a red fox at nightfall. Love having animals around.

leslie said...

I must say, that i have never seen before in my life. How weird is that!!!

Chartreuse Moose said...

Predators must not be abundant in your area for the turkeys to be so relaxed! That's a good thing...I anything that might prey on those big fellows/gals...might be scary to people too! ;-)))) Keep the window watch...we love it!