Monday, June 11, 2012

First Three Little Birds Ready

Here are Mom and two of her birdie kids all fused down waiting for applique.  Before I went grocery shopping, I stopped at the fabric store nearby and found this little black dot print.  Love it!  Gives a real sparkle to the fabrics in the birds Cutting, fusing and sewing the little beaks and legs will give these old hands a time but I'm sure it's good for them. 


Leslie said...

Very,very cute. What a neat and sweet little project this will become. I am looking for a round robin to bring tomorrow nite to show and tell. A few of them are on the walls up north so I am out of luck with that. If I get it soaked and cleaned, I will bring an antique quilt that I bought at an art fair in town yesterday. You will like it. ce

Chartreuse Moose said...

Darling! Thank you for a lovely blog!

Karen said...

Sweet Tweets!!!!

Pokey said...

These birdies will be such a neat family on your black dots, what a great start!
I really like the pink-and-orange one you show next, too, Carol. You do such inspirational work! You are very "young" in your fabric collections and patterns, I'm challenged each time I visit ~