Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Flock is Growing

More birdies - still have two more rows to fuse and applique.  It's going quickly and the little beaks and feet aren't as tedious as I thought they might be.  In the bottom row, I forgot to reverse my plastic template therefore two of the little fellows were heading the wrong way.  Using charm squares, I don't have a lot of fabric and  I like the two that are in that particular block - so I figured wouldn't it be just like little kids (or birds) to be heading in the wrong direction?  And who's to say which way is right or wrong.
Two more of the kids.  Promise I won't post them anymore until they are in the process of being quilted.  Hope to get the other two rows fused and appliqued tomorrow.
Another  basket almost done and ready for tinting.  The thread I am using for these is Valdani - hand-dyed variegated thread that is expensive.  Figured since I had ordered it, I should use it!  You can see how the color varies in this photo.  The green, however, is plain old DMC and I have six more leaves to embroider which won't take long.   In fact, I think I think I will go do that right now!


Simply Sandy said...

I love all your little birdies. I especially like the two facing the "wrong" way. This is going to be such a cute quilt.

Jewels said...

LOL Carol - thanks for letting me see "in purpose" what great fabric for
your birdies (which ever direction they face) J

Leslie said...

You know me the birds are fun, but how wonderful are your flowering baskets. They are sensational.

Karen said...

Pretty flower basket Carol and I love that two birds are going the wrong way! So cute!