Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Front Stoop Pot

The pot the deer almost destroyed - I did add the two little pink begonias - but the other plants are really growing.  I didn't get a good shot of the fancy leaved begonia that was chewed to the soil and now it is really growing.  You can barely see it right above the left pink flower near the spike.  Also there is a glimpse of the cute little tin girl I bought at Joann's for 70% off standing guard by the pot.   Maybe she will shoo those deer away!
Here's a better picture of her - she seemed to want to come home with me.
They still had some cute things at Joann's and 70% off is a great deal.  I bought two of these little fish on springs and hooked them onto the wrought iron plant holders.  Figured maybe if the deer went nosing around the fish might startle them.  Of course they will!!
One more picture - this is the plant on my new patio  table and I think it is so pretty to see when I look out the sliding door.  I love love love that blue stuff!  There are some tiny petunias and dwarf zinnias in with the blue.  Everything is really growing by leaps and bounds now. 

Today I went over to the Campus Ridge which is on the hospital grounds and got everything all taken care of to start pulmonary rehab which will be all through July,  August and September.  I passed the six minute walk with flying colors!  The inhalers I have been using are what is really making a difference.  I bought an oxygen monitor quite a while back and it has been showing I am over 90 every time I use it so I have been using oxygen only when I sleep.  Today I had that monitor checked and it is spot on so I feel so good about that.  Will see the doctor next month and will be anxious to see what he has to say.   I hope that I will be able to get back to taking some walks again even if they are short ones!   A trip to Portland, Oregon, is in the works for the entire family (Hannah will be home for good by then, too) to spend Christmas with Molly, Doug and the new little baby who is due the end of November and it sounds like there should be no trouble for me to take that trip.  So nice to look forward to being all together again and fun to think of seeing Henry enjoy his second Christmas!


carol fun said...

I hope the new additions to the flower pot will deter snacking deer -- but I wouldn't hold my breath - LOL! Have a good weekend -

Sherry said...

As dad used to say, "Carol is a mule."! He meant that as a compliment!

Leslie said...

Oh I do adore the picture of Little Henry. He is becomming such a real boy. I love a baby and their binkie. Such joy to have him around for all of you.

Dana S said...

Carol, So glad to hear or read you are better. It's time for a cup of coffee and a visit!

mrsmcbee said...

Really cute, I don't have to much luck with begonias I will have to try again, I love the little girl, she hopped into my shopping cart too!!!

Karen said...

Love the tin girl and beautiful plant on the table! Excellent medical report!!!