Saturday, June 30, 2012

Henry is in Town!

Here's Henry!  And what a cute, happy, laidback little sweetheart he is!  Almost 11 months old, he is just about ready to take off walking but he can certainly get to where he wants to go with no problem at all.  It is such fun to just sit and watch a little one go through their little bag of tricks for you.  I was very happy to get lots of smiles from him.   Sherry, Molly and I talked to Hannah in Mozambique for about half an hour yesterday morning and she sounds wonderful.   It was a great connection and sounded  as if she could have been right next door.  Five more months and she will be back home for good.  So good to see everyone again!  Tomorrow they all go up to the cabin for the holiday weekend.

Working on my big swoon block.  This has been up on the basement wall for a couple of days.  It is going quickly - the blocks will work out 7" square.  I made two changes when sewing the rows together - first of all I goofed in the way that I have the hot pink half square triangles in the outermost row.  They spread out instead of coming to a point in the middle.  Glad I caught that instead of sewing it all together first and then catching it.   Then I changed the purple color hst around the star.
I think this makes it look like there is a diamond behind the square.  It's very bright - but should be very pretty when it is quilted.  I think I am going to make a smaller border with the little diamonds (see top picture) in variegated colors and will buttonhole stitch them instead of piecing.  Then I'll add a wide black border.  I so love hot pink and orange together!   As always, the black background makes the colors sing.


Jewels said...

Oh my Carol what a sweetie - you are so lucky. Enjoy your time with him. J

Karen said...

Love that little face and what an excellent block!

Pokey said...

Henry is Soo-o cute! Love that grin of his.
Your giant swoon block is neat, it is amazing the difference the turning of a few squares makes makes. I like the switch out of the purple. Funny, because I usually want the whole rainbow of color to appear, but the pink is better!