Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Swoon Quilt Block

The block that I have been seeing so many times on blogs and Pinterest, also, is the Swoon block.   There are lots of half square triangles, a center square,  four small squares, four rectangles and four flying geese.  And I almost forgot in the background at the edge I think there would be three small squares in each corner.
I think you can see the pieces in this picture and I believe I got the count right.  I did, however, see some scrappy swoon blocks that appeal to me since I do love scrappy so much.
On this block, I like the fact that it's based on pretty much one color.  This one could be made up entirely of half square triangles and little squares.  I am thinking charm squares and would just have to figure out the size of the small square after making the hst.
I love the colors in this one - what a pretty pillow.  On one blog, I saw a huge swoon block that was a quilt big enough to cover a bed.  That could be drafted out  and would be really pretty.
Another nice block, but a couple of the triangles are a bit light.  I think it might also be pretty to use different fabrics but stay constant in certain areas - for instance have all the rectangles the same, the four corner squares alike, etc.  So many different ways you could plan out the block.
This swoon block is done entirely in hst and small squares plus the large center of the star which is a picture from the fabric.  This is a pretty one, also.  Will I make a Swoon block?   I would enjoy doing one and might go for a pillow or something small.  Hard telling what this old hag will do!!  I'd like to do everything I see but that is not possible - so will just keep going as I have been and see what happens!


Leslie said...

Guess what you got me thinking so Elle and I went book hunting and we found the pattern for the 50X50 inch one square quilt top in the swoon block pattern. I have always loved this book and it is called Sew One and Youre Done by Evelyn Sloppy. (Making a quilt from on single block) Let's do it, and yours can be scrappy. Imagine the quilting on this by one of our favorite machine quilters. I will bring the book to you soon.

Jewels said...

ohhh so many choices Carol - though i do love the one with the bird image in the center...Still in Philadelphia where there have been heat and humidity warnings - just got in at 9:30 and it was stil 98 degrees out -yech!

Karen said...

Yes you will make a Swoon block and it will be wonderful!