Friday, June 8, 2012

What Deer Can Do

About two weeks ago I did my planting and this is the pot on my front stoop, full of pretty little pink begonias, shamrocks, and a lovely big fancy leaf begonia.
Same pot after the deer had a midnight snack about a week to ten days ago.  I haven't replanted it yet but do have the flowers to do it and also some of that stinky stuff that is supposed to repel the critters.  Maybe I should just put some bunches of carrots in it!  Such beautiful creatures and such little scroungers.
I finished embroidering this little basket and did the tinting with the watercolour pencils.  I'm not sure about the basket but will leave it alone.  I like the flowers and will put the colonial knot centers in the three of them that need the knots.   It works good to do the embroidery first - and after they are all done, the next step will be to put some textile medium on the color to make it colorfast.  I think my next one will have a blue basket. 


carol fun said...

Oh I feel your pain - the deer here eat everything, even the stuff the garden guy told me they didn't like- sheesh. I love the little tinted basket - very cute! Have a great weekend.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Oh NO!!!!!Plant a small plant or seed or mustard greens in your pot along with your other pretty flowers and they will stay away rabbits too!

Your embroidery is beautiful!

xxx, Carolyn

Leslie said...

I heard that bunnies and deer don't like marigolds. They leave them alone for me. Nice coloring Carol.

Karen said...

Oh dear, those darn deer! Love your basket Carol.

Quilting Queen said...

Sorry Carol, your post made me smile. I had lots of flowers in my last garden. some purchased and some donated from friends. The deer only ate the purchased ones...and pulled them out by the roots to add insult to injury...where we live now our shelties deter the deer.