Friday, July 27, 2012

Two of my Favorite People Stopped By

This afternoon Leslie and Elle, her sweetheart of a daughter, stopped by to show me Leslie's quilt that she made from a big swoon block at the time I did mine.  All made of Jinny Beyer fabrics, this is a beauty!   It has been quilted and is ready for binding before being given as a wedding present.  Lucky, lucky couple!  Elle also brought along a baby quilt she is making and needed to find additional fabric for borders.  It was so pretty - my camera's battery died and I didn't get a picture of her little quilt.  I am so glad that the one I was able to take did turn out pretty darned good!  I am so glad that Leslie's love of quilting has been passed on to Elle!!

The girls were on their way to the Park Bench (our great new quilt shop) to meet Linda to pick out some fabrics for a paper pieced quilt that will be made from one of Linda's new patterns.  I went along even though I was looking kind of ragged around the edges.   Great fun pulling bolts of batiks out, lining them up, deleting and adding - the outcome will be one gorgeous quilt!!  I also took along the black, white and red quilt that I just finished making the backing for - Linda will quilt it for me.  I still have to press the top and back for the swoon quilt and will give that to her next month.  Haven't seen many of the girls for a while since things slow down in the summertime.  Next month there will be a fun road trip (can't remember just where) to see Edyta Sitar.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Occupying My Time

Henry is about to turn one year old!!  Oh, my, that year went by so quickly.  Some time ago, my friend, Leslie, gave me this panel full of fun little things that little boys love so I have thought that I would quilt it and find some little Fisher Price trucks, etc., to run on the roads and maybe an engine for the tracks.  I did check Target last winter and they do have nice little vehicles suitable for one-year old little guys.  This will be part of Henry's first birthday present. 
So I have been meander quilting and doing it in invisible thread since it is so very forgiving.  Henry is not going to check out my quilting to see how neat it is.   I'm almost done but had to take a break.  I need to have it all done and bound by Thursday and that should not be a problem.  This is another very hot day but it's suppose to be a lot better the rest of this week.  I should be able to get out to the mall tomorrow or Wednesday to  buy some little things for the roads.

Also doing lots of thinking about a quilt for a little great granddaughter!  I love doing searches by image for things I want to find.   I did design a quilt on my EQ5 but the program doesn't seem to be working right so I haven't been able to print it out. I did manage to print out two different layouts that I can work with.  I'm  thinking jungle babies (Molly visited Hannah in Africa last fall) so have been searching for cute little animals that would be applique friendly.  Here are some candidates for a spot on the quilt.

Found lots and lots of cute critters so now all  I have to do is decide layout and fabric and which animals to use.  I so love doing things like this!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Odds and Ends

My tv, phone and internet have been acting up once in a while for several weeks - and I called Charter on Monday afternoon and made a date for them to come out  and get things running smoothly again.   Everything is up and running again and I am also the owner of a new DVR which I will have to learn how to use.  Right now there just isn't that much on television that I want to record, but if there would be I would be out of luck as my old VCR doesn't work anymore.  Things come and go quickly anymore, don't they?

While I was without the internet, I was looking through some of my file folders.  In one of them, I found this scan of some queen anne's lace, violas and some Hawaiian  bridal veil that I scanned a year or two ago.  Love the way objects scan and the black background behind them.  I love scanning and also use it for enlarging patterns for applique.  The computer, scanner and printer seem to go hand and hand with quilting.
I also found a picture taken at the Senior Center where some of the quilters meet a couple of times a month.  This was probably taken last fall - one of the girls gave it to me later.  I had taken my yoyo coverlet to show them and someone took my picture.  I am sorry I can't remember who did - that's what happens when you get old!

We are having such a great reprieve from the heat!  It was absolutely terrible Monday and Tuesday.  In the almost 20 years I have lived in Michigan, this is the hottest summer we have had.  Reminds me of Kansas!  And Kansas is having a terribly hot summer and a dry one.  Bill, my son, said today it was to get to 105!   I remember those days and don't miss the summer heat there.  This old woman is a cool weather kid.   Today was about 25 to 30 degrees cooler than the first of the week!  That is wonderful!

I have started my pulmonary rehab but have only gone about once a week since I started.  That is due to two really hot days and a couple of doctor's appointments that I have had for a long time.  However, now it looks clear ahead and I will be going twice a week.   I have a really nice girl who goes through the routines with me and the hour goes fast. 

While it was so hot, I steeled myself and did some chores that I had been putting off for some time.   Putting the backs for quilts together is not my favorite thing to do but necessary.  I am so proud of me for getting two done!!  One for the big swoon block and one for
this top that I did either last summer or the summer before.  The backing is the black with the wavy lines.  Glad to have these ready for machine quilting!  Then I put three pillowtops together - so I am feeling pretty smug about doing all those projects.  Hope I don't break my arm patting myself on the back!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pillow Top is Quilted

Appliqued, quilted and ready to be made into a pillow.  The pin marks the approximate center so that I can trim the piece before backing it.  Putting it all together is not nearly as much fun as planning, fusing, appliquing and quilting it!  But I do like it and it will look good on my couch.  I may put a pretty button in the center - maybe even cover one.  I just did the simple meander stitch and think that works fine . 
This is the book on the tile technique.  I really enjoy doing this and may do a wallhanging from the book - either the one on the cover or
this one.  Once the applique pieces had been buttonholed and then quilted around that would be all the quilting needed except for the border.  Looks like fun.  So many fun things to do!! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A New Blogger in the Family

Both my oldest and my youngest granddaughters have blogs (listed on my sidebar) and now the cutie in the middle who is responsible for the "old hag" in Funoldhag is blogging, also.  Everyone had been after her to start one so we can see her progress in the development of the little girl who is eagerly awaited to join our family and Doug's.  Here she is - and definitely looking "in the family way" as they used to say!
Molly has caught the gardening bug that runs through our family - she talks about her pretty produce in this weeks post and also the progress being made on little Lulu Lynn's new room upstairs.  If you would like to read her blog you can click on - it is also listed on my sidebar with the blogs I check regularly.  I have so loved and enjoyed my granddaughters from day one and still do.  It has been so sweet to be a part of their life and watch them grow up and become three beautiful, smart, young women.   How wonderful now to welcome great grandchildren!!  

Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Favorite Pinterest Finds

Since I haven't been really working on much this past week - just one of those times when not accomplishing a lot - I thought I would post a few quilt blocks and quilts from Pinterest that immediately caught my eye.  The above is one of the blocks.  I love the prints used against that dotted background and the fussy cut flower in the center of the block.

Another gorgeous block - New York Beauty.  Again, the use of the variety of prints drew me to this one.

Here is one that I am thinking about maybe doing.  I love the black and white sashings around the diamonds which are Kaffe fabrics.  In fact, I think this is actually a picture of a quilt being planned on a design wall in a class he was teaching.  There are quite a  few diamond pieces cut that I did heavens only knows when  and I might give it a try.  The diamonds are in mainly Kaffe's fabrics and red, orange, etc.   Anyway, I really was drawn to this piece.

If you would go to my Quilts board on Pinterest (click on the symbol at the top of my sidebar), the source of these pretty items will be found there.  You can also look further into those sources to find other beautiful work they have done.  Such wonderful things to see!!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Pillow Top

I found a pattern on the internet for this pillowtop done in the quilt tile method which makes it look like a mosaic piece.  I have a book on the subject but had never tried it out.   So today I took a bag of oriental fabric scraps and a pretty piece of black fabric and fused the piees ready for machine buttonhole stitch which I think will be in gold.  The spaces between the pieces aren't as even as they should be, but I still think it looks kind of pretty and it certainly didn't take much fabric or too much time.   Aren't there a lot of fun things to try out there?  Now I have a nice mess in the basement to clean up!!!!    And, by the way, if you check my granddaughter's blog on that cutie pie, Henry, there are two entries today with lots of pictures including a couple of Henry flirting with his old great grandma!  He melts my heart!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Fun Project

I think this is just so cute - I adore art deco with all the fancy flowers, pretty girls, darling cottages, etc.  This would be so very easy to do - merely print an image you love on a page from an old book - and it could be matted and framed.  I can see a grouping of pictures like this and it would be so sweet.
Here is another one.  Naturally, these were found on Pinterest and I have a couple of boards devoted to art deco cards and illustrations.  It just draws me right in.
Case in point, this adorable birth announcement and
here's another birth announcement from that same period and this one was filled out by my father announcing my birth almost 84 years ago.   My Aunt Nelle (who was in so many pictures on the early Fashion Fridays) sent this to me along with some pictures and other items probably 40 years ago.  I do love things like this and there is not that much left from way back when! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's All Together and Ready for Quilting

There it is all spread out on the bed in the room where my sewing machine resides.  It went pretty quickly and was a good thing to be doing in this terrible, terrible weather we are having.  The humidity is sooooo high and makes it "feel like" just awful!   This is only about the second or third time I have experienced this sort of weather here in Michigan.  Have not ventured outside once today, but will go out in a little while and water
my plants. 

Now some really sweet news to share!  Molly, my granddaughter in Portland, and her Doug are going to have a little girl!  So this old great-grandma will have one of each.   When we all go to Portland for Christmas, there will be two little ones in the fold.   And Hannah will be back in the fold, also!!   The next generation is growing. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hotter Than A Firecracker!

Hope you have had a happy Fourth so far - and that you have stayed cool.  The temperature is terrible especially combined with the high humidity!   My very unfavorite kind of weather.  I have not ventured out all day and do not plan to except later just before dark, I will see if my flowers need a drink.  Tomorrow I do have to go out and it is going to be just as bad as today.  The same on Friday, but after that it's forecast to get back to more normal temps.   That can't happen soon enough.

I have spent my day working on my big block quilt and have the borders just about ready.  Here is a picture of it on the wall in the basement with two of the borders along side.  The one on the right, of course, is hanging over the body of the quilt as there is a pipe that runs down the wall at that point.  I still have to 
fuse the diamonds on the remaining borders and then will buttonhole stitch them in black.  At least, that is my plan for now.  I know I am thinking that I want to have it quilted all in black - don't remember whether I mentioned that or not. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three New Books

I am such a softie when it comes to books on quilting - and I know I'm not alone.   Actually, I have never made anything from many of my books while I have used and reused others over the years by doing some of their projects and referencing them for ideas, techniques, etc.  Books on applique are a big part of my library and some of those are pretty shabby and well used with notations, etc., on their pages.  One of my favorite sources of applique patterns is Piece O'Cake Designs and I have quite a few of their books.  Here is a new one - Applique with Attitude.  Very whimsical, colorful and appealing - I decided I needed to add it to my collection of their work.  Kim Diehl is another designer whose work draws me in - I love her fabrics and style.  So, Simple Charms is now in my library.  Elegant Quilts, Country Charm's authors are not familiar to me but it's a very pretty book with nice projects.  These all came from Connecting Threads, a website I have ordered things from for a long time.  Always discounted and free shipping over $50.00,  they are easy to deal with and it does not take long to get an order.  And a great feature,  you can click on the "see more pages"(or some such phrase) and there are other projects shown that are featured in the book - sometimes as many as twelve.  This feature alone has made the decision very easy as to whether send for the book or not.  The cover might really catch your eye, then looking at other projects you can see there is not much else that you would enjoy that much.  These three books did not disappoint - they are great.