Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Fun Project

I think this is just so cute - I adore art deco with all the fancy flowers, pretty girls, darling cottages, etc.  This would be so very easy to do - merely print an image you love on a page from an old book - and it could be matted and framed.  I can see a grouping of pictures like this and it would be so sweet.
Here is another one.  Naturally, these were found on Pinterest and I have a couple of boards devoted to art deco cards and illustrations.  It just draws me right in.
Case in point, this adorable birth announcement and
here's another birth announcement from that same period and this one was filled out by my father announcing my birth almost 84 years ago.   My Aunt Nelle (who was in so many pictures on the early Fashion Fridays) sent this to me along with some pictures and other items probably 40 years ago.  I do love things like this and there is not that much left from way back when! 


Leslie said...

Oh my how exciting... A baby girl! I am so excited for you all and I have a pattern for you to look over, that might be perfect. We just found out that our little Henry is going to have a new this pattern might need to be used by you. Harrison perhaps will be his name they are saying! We will be home from the cabin tomorrow.

Karen said...

I like that!