Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hotter Than A Firecracker!

Hope you have had a happy Fourth so far - and that you have stayed cool.  The temperature is terrible especially combined with the high humidity!   My very unfavorite kind of weather.  I have not ventured out all day and do not plan to except later just before dark, I will see if my flowers need a drink.  Tomorrow I do have to go out and it is going to be just as bad as today.  The same on Friday, but after that it's forecast to get back to more normal temps.   That can't happen soon enough.

I have spent my day working on my big block quilt and have the borders just about ready.  Here is a picture of it on the wall in the basement with two of the borders along side.  The one on the right, of course, is hanging over the body of the quilt as there is a pipe that runs down the wall at that point.  I still have to 
fuse the diamonds on the remaining borders and then will buttonhole stitch them in black.  At least, that is my plan for now.  I know I am thinking that I want to have it quilted all in black - don't remember whether I mentioned that or not. 


Lee Prairie Designs said...

I am a fair weather person and this is not my kind of heat wave..hopefully this will pass, soon!

We have been inside most of the day...only outside to water the flowers and put water in the bird baths...gotta make them happy too!

Happy 4th, Carol!

Hugs, Carolyn

Karen said...

With the humidity today will feel like 104, I'm not liking that! The big block is looking really good, keep cool Carol!