Friday, July 6, 2012

It's All Together and Ready for Quilting

There it is all spread out on the bed in the room where my sewing machine resides.  It went pretty quickly and was a good thing to be doing in this terrible, terrible weather we are having.  The humidity is sooooo high and makes it "feel like" just awful!   This is only about the second or third time I have experienced this sort of weather here in Michigan.  Have not ventured outside once today, but will go out in a little while and water
my plants. 

Now some really sweet news to share!  Molly, my granddaughter in Portland, and her Doug are going to have a little girl!  So this old great-grandma will have one of each.   When we all go to Portland for Christmas, there will be two little ones in the fold.   And Hannah will be back in the fold, also!!   The next generation is growing. 


Pokey said...

You are amazing, Miss Carol! I cannot believe this is completed, and before you say how big your squares are, look at that sweet pieced border you added! So very nice.
Congrats on the baby news!
I'm glad on days like this we have the a/c, aren't you?

carol fun said...

WOW! this positively glows! Simply stunning! Congratulations on the newest addition to the family- life is good!

Jackie Fellows said...

that looks great the colors, brights & kinda of quilt.

Karen said...

Wow Carol, I love it! Wonderful baby news too!