Saturday, July 14, 2012

A New Blogger in the Family

Both my oldest and my youngest granddaughters have blogs (listed on my sidebar) and now the cutie in the middle who is responsible for the "old hag" in Funoldhag is blogging, also.  Everyone had been after her to start one so we can see her progress in the development of the little girl who is eagerly awaited to join our family and Doug's.  Here she is - and definitely looking "in the family way" as they used to say!
Molly has caught the gardening bug that runs through our family - she talks about her pretty produce in this weeks post and also the progress being made on little Lulu Lynn's new room upstairs.  If you would like to read her blog you can click on - it is also listed on my sidebar with the blogs I check regularly.  I have so loved and enjoyed my granddaughters from day one and still do.  It has been so sweet to be a part of their life and watch them grow up and become three beautiful, smart, young women.   How wonderful now to welcome great grandchildren!!  


Jewels said...

So fun for you Carol - you are one lucky great grand mum!

Pokey said...

Keeping up with your family in blogland is a double blessing! I appreciate your "in the family way"...remember when using the word "pregnant" was a term for the animals? I do. We always said someone was "expecting", and it seemed so much nicer. See? I'm an old soul ~

Sherry said...

Now I have teared up this morning!!

Norah said...

Awwwwww. Me too! Xxxxxxoooooxxxxx