Monday, July 23, 2012

Occupying My Time

Henry is about to turn one year old!!  Oh, my, that year went by so quickly.  Some time ago, my friend, Leslie, gave me this panel full of fun little things that little boys love so I have thought that I would quilt it and find some little Fisher Price trucks, etc., to run on the roads and maybe an engine for the tracks.  I did check Target last winter and they do have nice little vehicles suitable for one-year old little guys.  This will be part of Henry's first birthday present. 
So I have been meander quilting and doing it in invisible thread since it is so very forgiving.  Henry is not going to check out my quilting to see how neat it is.   I'm almost done but had to take a break.  I need to have it all done and bound by Thursday and that should not be a problem.  This is another very hot day but it's suppose to be a lot better the rest of this week.  I should be able to get out to the mall tomorrow or Wednesday to  buy some little things for the roads.

Also doing lots of thinking about a quilt for a little great granddaughter!  I love doing searches by image for things I want to find.   I did design a quilt on my EQ5 but the program doesn't seem to be working right so I haven't been able to print it out. I did manage to print out two different layouts that I can work with.  I'm  thinking jungle babies (Molly visited Hannah in Africa last fall) so have been searching for cute little animals that would be applique friendly.  Here are some candidates for a spot on the quilt.

Found lots and lots of cute critters so now all  I have to do is decide layout and fabric and which animals to use.  I so love doing things like this!


Jewels said...

Has it really been a year Carol! Wow. Lucky boy to get another quilt. Love your theme for your next little one too! J

Leslie said...

Oh my how funny is this, I worked on the Henry road quilt also yesterday for my great nephew. It is hard to believe that they are one, but won't they be so very cute making vrooming noices and back up beeping noises with bull dozers and front loaders. lol I love baby girls but boys are tons of fun.
Dany, though, I didn't quilt mine, I just rolled and hemmed the edges with double stitching. You are always one up on me. I am getting a canvas bag for the mat and the trucks for a carry along.

carol fun said...

That road quilt is adorable! I know that will be a great gift - hours of fun. And a cute animal quilt for a special little girl is a wonderful idea. I'm sure it will be a treasure too.

Karen said...

Always so clever! Henry is going to love his gift. Super cute animals for a little great granddaughter!

Molly said...

Henry will really love his road quilt! Good idea. The jungle babies are cute :)

Norah said...

Woo hoo! I will ask him to please not point out any quilting errors he comes across. It's not polite. ;)