Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Pillow Top

I found a pattern on the internet for this pillowtop done in the quilt tile method which makes it look like a mosaic piece.  I have a book on the subject but had never tried it out.   So today I took a bag of oriental fabric scraps and a pretty piece of black fabric and fused the piees ready for machine buttonhole stitch which I think will be in gold.  The spaces between the pieces aren't as even as they should be, but I still think it looks kind of pretty and it certainly didn't take much fabric or too much time.   Aren't there a lot of fun things to try out there?  Now I have a nice mess in the basement to clean up!!!!    And, by the way, if you check my granddaughter's blog on that cutie pie, Henry, there are two entries today with lots of pictures including a couple of Henry flirting with his old great grandma!  He melts my heart!!

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Karen said...

That is beautiful Carol! I so love the fabric.