Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Can Make Such a Mess!

Fabric flies sometimes when I am trying to make decisions  while working on quilts.  Everything kind of falls where it may.  Yesterday I bought some backing for this little quilt (it's hanging off the bed at the left) and I wasn't sure how I would finish the little piece. 
This  morning I finally decided that it needs a bit of a border - and I will use the small 2 1/2 squares for that instead of the binding. 
Most likely I will put a narrow sashing all around the quilt then bind it with the backing fabric.   This could change - I might make the sashing and the binding out of the pretty little dot or it could be I will make both from the turquoise with the purplish dot.   The fabric I bought for the backing is a yummy color and is mottled - it goes well with the quilt.  I also want to personalize the backing.  As I have said before, I am so enjoying doing quilts for great grandbabies!!!!! 


Jewels said...

What ever you end up doing Carol it will be just lovely. :>

Pokey said...

Ah, but it is a creative mess, the best kind! I'm still lovin' the jungle quilt, Carol ~

Anonymous said...

turning out so cute! love it!

Leslie said...


Karen said...

The best kind of mess Carol!