Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jungle Babies

I have spent almost all day working on the little jungle quilt.  It's all laid out on the bed in my sewing room and I have been appliqueing some of the blocks.  At first I was going to make much smaller squares between the applique blocks, but it was way too busy.  I had cut tons of them.  So then had to cut a lot of five inch squares which later I discovered needed to be 4 1/2" which meant I had to trim those down.  It wasn't too bad since I discovered it before I had them all cut.  Decided to drop in a little four patch every so often and the smaller blocks I had cut come out perfectly when sewn together.  I think the binding will be the small ones all sewn together - nice and scrappy.
Here is one of the bird blocks -
This little guy will be appliqued in black.  I think he is so cute.
The giraffe is appliqued but still needs his eyes, the little topknots on his horns, some french knot nostrils and a big grin.  Stay tuned---more to come later.  (Click to enlarge - it seems to be enlarging much bigger again)


Pokey said...

Now, that is a jungle quilt in grand scale, Miss Carol! Did you see mine posted last night? It's from a cut apart panel. Yours is precious, I do love the colors and the sweet baby animals ~

Jewels said...

LOVE IT Carol - how wonderful - and the colours are great - look forward to seeing it on Sunday! J

Norah said...

Oh this is so sweet! My niece is going to love it!!


Bonny said...

Love the birds... will you share where you got them?
Send us a link to where you got the art work?
Your work is beautiful!

Molly said...

Love it Grandma! She is going to treasure it!

Leslie said...


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful, Carol. What a treasure this will be!

Hugs, Carolyn

Karen said...

Looking good Carol, so cute! And, I LOVE your header picture.