Friday, August 24, 2012

Some Odds and Ends

I have been doing posts mainly about the little polka dot quilt the past couple of weeks.  Yesterday I did the final applique and trimmed the blocks down to the final size so it is ready for pressing and being sewn together ready for quilting.  The other morning while dusting in my bedroom (it's been a long, long time!),  I thought I would take a picture of some of the little things I have that you might enjoy seeing.  This little cup that says in gold letters on the side "for a good boy" is the baby cup that belonged to my husband's father.  His mother gave it to me many years ago.  It has a chip on the rim, but it is precious anyway.

These three pretty bottles were found in an antique store or show someplace.  Or could have been a garage sale.  I thought they were adorable and they have been sitting on my dresser for many, many years. 
This pretty little pitcher was also something Ray's mom gave me.  I don't know where it came from, but it is so sweet.  I have so many little odds and ends sitting around - no wonder dusting is a chore.  I have, however, always said that dust is "clean dirt" since a flick of a cloth gets rid of it and you can't tell it was ever there!
 I enjoyed the birthday wishes you left me!  Thank you so much! 


Norah said...

Ah, Grandma's house :)

Karen said...

Wonderful treasures!