Sunday, September 30, 2012

An Old UFO

When I was straightening things out in the basement some time ago, I came across these big flying geese blocks that I had put together several years ago.  With them was some fabric I had bought for the icicles and snowflakes that is quite icey looking.  I put them up on the wall and thought - why don't  I finish this little thing.  So I found a pattern for an easy snowflake on the internet and cut those out along with some icicles.  I hadn't spotted the fact that  I needed an extra block at the bottom before but when it came time to fuse the snowflakes, etc., on it became obvious.  Look what I found in my stash to use as that bottom block - perfect!  I had planned to use the mottled blue as a border until I found the snowy looking fabric at the bottom of the blues box.  I am totally pleased with it.  Still have to sew on the borders then it will be ready to sandwich and quilt. Will raw edge applique the fused pieces as I quilt.
This is the picture found on the web that I printed out  and used as a guide for the little hanging.  My finished one will be approximately 15 x 40.

Here is the tree in front of my house--all golden and glorious.  Dropping its leaves at a rapid rate now, it is an ash tree and one of the first to loose its leaves.  Fall really is here!  Enjoy.

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Karen said...

Very cool! How nice that will look hanging on the wall this winter.