Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Tip You Probably Know Already

Such a gorgeous day!!  I should be outside but there isn't anything to do out there and I am winding up the little quilt. All is done except for the border.  I was pretty frustrated in marking the border.  I am out of washout markers except for an old disappearing one that actually disappeared before I could get the  quilting line sewn.  Marked one with a water color pencil - but it was too dark and, although I did get it out, it took some rubbing.  I have a chalk marker which worked but the line was so light that I had a hard time seeing it when sewing backwards.  Doing this free motion and it's a piece of cake going toward the outer edge, but not so easy going toward the body of the quilt.  The chalk mark just was too dim to see especially with the quilting foot in the way.  Maybe a trip to Joann's for a wash out marker - not too excited about that.  Then a light bulb moment!  Painter's tape!  It's a tad slower but the ease of following the bright blue edge makes up for it and there is no mark to make disappear.  The tape is an inch wide and so is my little ruler so that makes a nice spacing for the quilting lines.  Should  be able to finish the quilting this afternoon and then sew the binding on ready to be hand stitched.  The little quilt should be ready to go to Sit and Sew with me on Tuesday.  I love, love, love light bulb moments!!  Don't have too many of them.


Karen said...

An excellent light bulb moment Carol! Something I will try.

Leslie said...

You are surely special in sooooo many ways! See you Tuesday,friend.

Pokey said...

It is wonderful to have those bright ideas come along, and even more so when we share them with friends. Thank you!