Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hannah Has a New Post

As many of you know,  my youngest granddaughter, Hannah,  has been in the Peace Corps  for two years in Mozambique and is just 71 days from the time for her to return home.  She has maintained a blog over the years and posted to it when she could.  This morning there is a beautiful post reflecting on her time in Kaunda and her thoughts as she approaches the time to leave her "home" for the last two years.  It made me read it through tears and with great pride and love for her (as I have for all of my granddaughters!).  I know some of you that follow my blog read Hannah's and I know you will enjoy this latest post which is written so beautifully.   Just click on her picture on the sidebar and it will take you to Singing Under the Southern Cross.   Enjoy Hannah's words and thoughts.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

I will, Carol.


Leslie said...

You are correct, Carol, wonderful post.

Jewels said...

I DID read it Carol and it was wonderful! J