Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Guess I Have Taken a Break

I had a phone call from my brother in Florida this morning  - he was wondering why I hadn't posted for a spell and decided to call this morning if there was no post up.  All is well but it was good talking to Bud!   I guess it is one of those times that most bloggers go through when you get a little stale or lazy or think you have exhausted some of the things you usually base your posts on.   I have been working mainly on the little quilt for Molly's baby and won't post any more pictures of it until it is done.  (It is almost done!!  One block left to quilt and the border).  There is also the fact that the last couple of years it takes me about twice as long to get things done - work a while, sit a while - one of the results of getting older.  Am not complaining!  At least, I do get some things done and enjoy what I do just as much as always.  Then the rehab three times a week in the middle of the day throws a monkey wrench in the machine.  It's for a short time each day and I don't know why it makes a difference but it does.  There again, I think it's doing me a lot of good - I can do 16 minutes on the treadmill at 2 mph and am doing well on the other machines, also.  Enjoy my respitory therapist, Anne - she is a sweetie.  The time goes quiickly and I will sign up for maintenance after the sessions are through in a couple of weeks.  Will go twice a week then, and there is a broader window for the time to be there.

So those are my excuses just in case it matters to anyone.  I took a couple of pictures of the rather pathetic plants in my usually pretty patio plantings.  You can see the elephant ears did very well - it will be a job getting the bulbs out of the pot!  They could be saved for next year.
A couple of pots by the edge of the patio.  These are quite healthy, but the blue salvia is probably not a good candidate for container gardening.  I do love it, though.
The pot on the table I see from my sliding door.  The pretty blue stuff that was there orignally is long gone.  I never have much luck with that in the fact that it never lasts all summer.  However, the rest of the flowers are looking good.  I had some gorgeous geranium hanging baskets and I still have them, but they look so sad.  It is time to start taking some of the spent plants down to the woods.

We are having gorgeous weather and it is beginning to look like favorite time of year. 


Linda said...

I think your plants still look lovely and I'm glad to see you posting. :)

Love the header on your blog as well.

We too, here in east-central Illinois are enjoying lovely weather for the past month - finally after the hottest, driest summer - it is welcomed.

Kind regards,

Leslie said...

The fall season is just so pretty. My plants are getting stragely looking also. It is great to see a post, did you get the email from Park Bench about their sale tomorrow and Saturday. There maybe more fabric in my future. lol If you want to go tomorrow let me know. I need some round robin fabric.

Karen said...

Well, it matters to me! Sometimes a break is good, but just as long as it is only a break. I would be lost without the Funoldhag! :) It is beginning to look like Autumn, happy days!

Pokey said...

Good to see you pop up Miss Carol. My last post was in August, just sometimes to much away from the computer (and away from home) time. I'm saying happy days to you, keep plugging on at what ever pace suits you!