Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Being Quilted

The last couple of days I have spent getting the backing pieced together, the top and backing pressed and all the stray threads trimmed off, and then taping the backing down on my table, adding the batting and topping it off with the quilt top.  Then comes the pinning and pinning and pinning.  I think this may be my least favorite part of quilting but it's all an absolute necessity.  So here is the first block all done - all the pieces outlined and then my usual loop the loop quilting pattern.  I am using some Libby Lehman's The Bottom Line #60 thread in the bobbin and Sulky Invisible on top.  Very happy with how it looks.  Looking forward to quilting around all the animals and silly birds on the quilt.   Will end this with a picture of one of my favorites after it got it's smile!

He's ready!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Made me smile too!!!

Carolyn :)

carol fun said...

So cute! I love all the animals and the colors - what a great quilt this will be!

Pokey said...

Happy faces all around!

Leslie said...

Oh Carol, this will be sooo sooo loved. How cute you have made this baby quilt. You do just wonderful work.

Molly said...

Love it, Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Your machine quilting is great.
This will be treasured forever.