Friday, September 21, 2012

Just a Little Wallhanging

I spied this pretty little piece on Pinterest and think it is lovely.  Decided I would make some blocks from my batiks.  This actually is done in Kaffee Fasset's fabrics and I have quite a few but not enough of the pastel ones to get the same feeling.  So batiks it is.
I cut the blocks 5 inches square and the smaller ones are 2 1/2".  Sewed diagonally across the smaller square then trimmed the excess.  It wastes fabric, but the ease of doing it this way is worth it to me.  You could use the leftover triangles for some other project. 
Here are part of the blocks up on my basement wall.   The coloring is different than the top one, but I think there is still nice contrast.  I was going to make a trip out to Park Bench and pick up some quarter yards of batiks but decided I should be able to complete a small hanging - even a large one - with all the fabric residing in my basement! 

I have another stack of blocks ready to sew so will get back at it.  Love working with the different colors!!


carol fun said...

How did I miss this on Pinterest? I'll be pinning it right away - so pretty and I love your fabrics - just beautiful! Have a great weekend-

Donna~~ said...

Pretty find on Pinterest--I've pinned it and have to say when I'm bored or blue or looking for inspiration, your pins are one place I look. You just have the prettiest pins! Looks like a fun project--and so very "sad" that you may have to purchase a few more fabrics! :)

Jewels said...

That will be really pretty when it is done Carol!

leslie said...

This piece will be very pretty. You really do have a special talent for color.

Pokey said...

You have such a good eye for color. I think your batiks will turn out a winning combination! Beautiful work ~

Karen said...

Beautiful Carol!