Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Homestretch

The binding is on the little quilt and it will be ready to go to Sit and Sew tomorrow where I will get some of it done.  Thought I would show you my method - I don't miter the corners.  Started doing one side at a time when I first started quilting over 35 years ago and, although I have done a few mitered corners, I seem to stick with this.   The most awkward part of mitering is joining the binding on the middle of a side.  I guess if I stuck with it I would love it.  Will not say you can't teach an old dog new tricks as this old dog learns new tricks every once in a while.  Just used to this. 

Here is the front of the bound edge.  The tab leftover will be trimmed and tucked under.

The finished edge of the little birdie quilt.  A bit tricky to do, but so is the miter.
The front of the little quilt.  I, like most of you I am sure, find binding the least favorite part of quilting but the part that really sets the quilt off.  And it is a mindless task that you can do without having to concentrate.  A great piece of handwork when you are with other quilters. 


Jewels said...

Hoping I get to see it before it gets sent! Can't wait...J

Karen said...

I love to bind! Interesting method Carol, I will try it one day.