Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Fun Class

Today Q2, our quilt guild, sponsored a class in "Piecing Quilt Blocks Using Fibonacci Numbers".  I had heard of that but had no idea what it was all about.  Last night at our October meeting, Ann Simanskey, one of the co-owners of Park Bench,  beautiful two year old quilt shop in our town, gave a talk on fibonacci.  Ann's talk was a delight - funny, informative and she  got the idea across.  Above she is shown with Kathy, one of our members.  Kathy clutches her two pieces of fabric for the class.

This is what Kathy took home as the result of a few hours of cutting, sewing together and cutting again. 

This great piece was the other choice you could make and this was done by Janet.  This is the one that I made but did not get finished yet - however, I will finish it.  And I love the concept of it and think I will probably try it out with some batiks.  I will do a post for our guild blog and will let you know when I put it up so that you can go look at the pictures of the class members and their end results if you would like to see more.   All of the pieces came out great.

I took a picture of each of the attendees and had Diane take one of me.  Turned out pretty good so here's the old hag!   (Click pictures to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Nice entry! Love your picture. Not bad for 84 years young!

Leslie said...

Wow those are very pretty. I really like Kathy's that is just so very pretty. She will probably quilt it just awesome.

Quilting Queen said...

Old Hag Looking Great!!

Karen said...

Looking good Carol!