Monday, October 15, 2012

Finger Knitting

(When viewing the videos, do it on full screen by clicking on the window icon at the far right of the image.  Press escape to bring it back to small size)

The other day at lunch, Leslie was telling about having company at their cottage over the prior weekend.  The little girl visiting was telling her all about finger knitting that she had seen - can't remember whether it was at school or where it was - but she knew yarn was woven around your fingers and that it eventually would turn into a long woven piece from your hand.  Leslie, who was a teacher and I know would be so much fun for kids to be around, tried and tried but was unable to figure it out.  I told her she should have looked it up on Youtube.  The girls all tease me that I know my way around the internet so much better than they do.  (Hey, my dear friends, I think that's probably true!!!--you know I am kidding and being a smarta--!)   So, to back myself up I went on Youtube, put "how to finger knit" in the search box and the above video is what I came up with.  I sent it to Leslie and she said she wishes she had known that when the little one was there.  It is true that you can find a video for how to do almost anything on Youtube. 

Here is another one I found called "Finger Knitting on Steroids" in case you wish to take it up seriously.  It's long and you probably won't want to watch much of it but the first part shows a very clever way to make something bigger and the girl who makes the video is kind of cute to watch.   So, if you are like me, this is something new but some of you may have learned how to do this when you were children.  Never too late to learn something new!!  Next time you have one or more of your grandkids with you, this might be fun to do with them.  I know that Norah, Molly and Hannah would have all probably liked finger knitting! 


Karen said...

Very clever and it is impossible to misplace your knitting needles!

Leslie said...

Wow, that is cool. I will send the like to Katy's mom in Chicago and they can get daddy on making them a loom. Thanks!

Nan said...

Haven't seen you blog in a long time so I dropped in to check up on you. I see you are still quite busy with quilting and other crafts! Take Care and keep it up. PS Good photo of you too in the pink top.