Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Ready to Send Off the Little Quilt

The little jungle quilt is all done including the label and is ready to be laundered and sent on it's way to Portland, Oregon, to await the arrival of it's new little owner.   As I was getting the label ready,  I thought of an adorable little dress that I bought for Norah the day she was born.  I remember the price I paid for it so vividly because it was very expensive for a baby dress 35 years ago.   Ray and I went shopping for something to take to Lawrence when we went to see our new little granddaughter later that day.   I spotted this at one of the department stores in the mall -
I thought it was just the prettiest little thing I had ever seen - and it was $18.00.  But we bought it!  All three of the granddaughters have worn it -
and here is Hannah wearing the little pink confection.  I think multiple dollies have worn it also over the years.  So it will go along in the box for Annie to wear and for Molly to save for the next little girl born to either her or one of her sisters. 

When I asked Sherry if she knew where the little dress was, she said it was in the attic.  Yesterday, she looked in their attic and found it and some other things to send to Molly, washed them up and brought them over last evening.   She found this darling pair of coveralls--

that was appliqued and embroidered by a dear high school days friend, Gail.  She embroidered a little rose after Molly - Molly Rose.
Also going along for the ride are a little knit jacket, cap and a hand embroidered undershirt.  The dolly is from a neighbor of mine who has since moved away.  Jane knitted a little jacket and cap for Henry but with her moving preparations didn't have time to do that for Annie.  She had a large doll collection so brought over this sweet little collectible doll that could be a sweet little decoration on a shelf in Annie's room.   The package will also have a little zippered comforter and the front pack that Sherry had for Hannah. 

We also skyped with Henry and his mom and dad.  What a busy, busy little fellow who has now found his hair and his belly button.  So fun to watch him - perpetual motion.  He will be Charlie Brown for Halloween -

Here's Charlie!   They were getting ready to carve pumpkins for the holiday.  Going to be here very soon!! 


Janet said...

The picture of Hannah in the little dress is so cute. Fun memories! My sister always took a picture of her four daughters at 1 year of age in the same dress. It's fun to see how much the same they looked at that age. Henry is so sweet--just want to squeeze him. I'm sure the new baby will be too.

Jewels said...

Oh my Carol that is a wonderful package you are going to send- how wonderful you still had it all to pass on! J

Pokey said...

What a precious package, with such thought and love enclosed! That picture of Henry as Charlie is too sweet, I bet you could just hug him up ~