Monday, November 26, 2012

A Birthday Serenade from Mozambique

I know many of you have looked in on and read the blog that my youngest granddaughter, Hannah, has kept while in Mozambique for the last 27 months serving in the Peace Corps.  She is finishing her service right now and she and Ian, her boyfriend for most of the time she has been in Africa, are at the close of service meeting.  Right after that they will take a three week tour before coming home just  before Christmas.   One of the places they will go to is the base of Mt. Everest and watch the sun come up there.  I am so very proud of her - it was a huge commitment to spend the time there, but she did it well and is going to be missed by her students, fellow teachers and villagers.    How glad we will all be to see her again.

You know, too, that my middle granddaughter, Molly and her husband had their little baby on Thanksgiving.  Here is a video that Hannah and Ian made and put on Youtube as a Happy Birthday for Annie.  Thought you might like to share this!  In the foreground you can see their Thanksgiving dinner which consisted of chicken (which Ian defeathered and dressed - Hannah said it was an anorexic chicken!), mashed potatoes and cake.   Enjoy!

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Leslie said...

That is so sweet. She will be loved from near and far, that is for sure.