Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow

It's almost here - everyone is awaiting the big feast tomorrow.   We are also awaiting the arrival of the little baby girl in Portland and hoping she will decide to make her appearance very soon.  Molly did a post and has a picture that you can see by going to my sidebar and checking the list of blogs there.   Hoping and praying Annie will arrive soon.

I will be with Sherry and Barclay tomorrow - I have a pecan pie in the oven right now to take with me.
It's smelling mighty good.   In the morning I will put the pumpkin pie together and bake it so it will be fresh.  Cranberry sauce is cooling so my contribution to the dinner is taken care of.  Naturally, I will give Sherry a hand with the cooking at her house, also.    
Here's the finished pie - looks pretty darned good.   The only thing wrong is I don't make my own piecrust anymore.  Used to make really good crust! 
Have been doing a lot of crocheting in the evenings lately.  Here is part of a scarf that I did with some yarn I ordered that was on sale.  I think it is really pretty.  I have one more skein to go and it will be about 60 inches long.  Plan on sewing the ends together and making an infinity or circle scarf.  Have made about six other ones, too.  They go very fast.  The stockings are ready for the final steps so I am doing okay on that.  Did some online Christmas shopping yesterday - I had gone to Sit and Sew and no one was at Sit and Sew.  Called Kathy when I got home and the quilters were making preparations for the big day of feasting.  Always lots to do for the holiday.  So I spent some time online at Macy's and got part of my shopping done.  Then out to the mall to take a vest I had ordered back to CJ's.  Not as easy shopping as it used to be, but I manage to get it done.  Had to sit for a minute or two on one of the benches to get my speed back up.  Then on to Target where pushing the cart lets me go as long as I wish.  Finally, over to Kohl's  --  so for an old broad I did okay yesterday. 
I wish all of you a happy day tomorrow with lots of good food and fun with your family and friends.  Enjoy!


Jewels said...

wow Carol I would not be able to keep up with you LOL. Your pie looks delish - have a wonderful day tomorrow. I will be heading to Canada on Friday to be with my family. Hugs. J

LuAnn said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I love your scarf!

Anonymous said...

I love your scarf also. Linda and i went to our trunk show is Oscoda yesterday instead of sit and sew. Too much for one day. I cooked all day today with Elle at my side. We are serving about 8 tomorrow,but we are ready, except for Tom that is he will be in the dressing room early Thursday a.m. Eric is home from Chicago and I sure am enjoying this time with him. Have fun tomorrow.

Karen said...

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Carol. The pie looks so good and well done with the Christmas shopping. Isn't online shopping the best? Love the scarf too!