Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kind of a Lost Day

Here are two scarves that I crocheted in the last week or so.  Very,  very simple - in fact not really a pattern.  I just did a basic chain then a double crochet, sp, dc, etc., then turn and keep going until they were long enough.  The multi-blue is for Sherry and the other for me.  Still need to even up the fringe.  Sherry picked out her yarn the other night at Michael's to go with a winter jacket she has.

This one is done with two different skeins of yarn - a black with just a bit of a speck in it and a skinny little multi-colored yarn which I think is for making socks.  It worked up differently than I anticipated, but I like it anyway.   Made me think of the Christmas that I made probably two or three dozen scarves - lots of them in the eyelash yarn.  They work up quickly.  Guess they are still in fashion - I am not up on things very well.

Today was pretty much a lost day for me.  Every since I had my knee replaced 8 years ago, I have to take 4 big old capsules of amoxicillin an hour before my dental appointment.  So yesterday was my six month checkup and I took the damned stuff.   It usually bothers me some, but it really did a number on me today.  It has quieted way down now and I think I'm back to normal.  Will have to see if there is some other medication you can take that doesn't hit so hard. Thank goodness it's only twice a year.

Have a great rest of the weekend!  


Pokey said...

I'm sorry to hear your day was down, Miss Carol. I do hope your tomorrow will be brighter! Your scarves finished up quite nice. Lydia and I have done the same thing for Christmas gifts one year, and they were well received. When the temps get chilly, a scarf is always appreciated ~

Leslie said...

Oh yuck, sorry to hear your day was a resting one. Love the scarves and yes they are always in style. Linda and I went to a new yarn shop in Gladwin while on the retreat and I bought some great yarn from Italy. It is so soft and pretty.
I have spent since Thursday putting back stuff on walls and moving back furniture and nick nacks. But.... My walls are painted and my carpet is down. It feels really good to be in a spottless house. But boy was it a lot of work.

Karen said...

A bummer day Carol, but beautiful scarves!