Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Christmas Past

Christmas of 1956 - We were still in Chillicothe, Illinois, but we moved to Ft. Madison, Iowa, in Janary of 1957.   That was the first of four transfers along the Santa Fe line over the years until Ray's retirement.  Billy was just 3 and Sherry 5 1/2.   That was the year Tiny Tears came to live with us and Sherry looks very pleased to have her!  Tiny and her clothes are around someplace still, but poor little think is pretty much cracked and brittle after all these years. It looks like Bill had a Mickey Mouse guitar.  He loved music and had and still has great rythym.   A set of drums would come in his junior high days.  The little guy sitting with the kids is Danny, my sister's oldest boy, who is a year younger.  This was evidently taken after Christmas at our house.  We had moved to a little house across from the high school in Chilli.  Weren't television sets different back then?  That one was on a swivel table so you could get to the back of it.  Had to watch William as he loved to swivel it!
This picture was taken maybe on Christmas Eve at my sister's home.  (We had similar drapes!)  Jo, my sis, Danny, her little guy, and Ray are in the picture.  The play rifle Bill has (isn't he adorable?) has a story to it.  After he had opened it, my dad was going to show Billy how to cock a gun by laying it on your knee and pushing down hard on the end.  The gun was not jointed and it broke right in half.  My poor father was mortified.  He was a big, strong man and was just sick that that had happened.  He did take the gun home and glued it and it was as good as new.  I felt so bad for my father but it all turned out okay. 

Here are the four of us on the front stoop that last Christmas season in Chillicothe.   This photo would have made a good Christmas card.   Next time will show some Christmases in Iowa.   (Click pictures to enlarge)

Looking back at these old photos of the lovely years with our children and the simpler more gentle time those days were,  I have a heavy heart thinking about the horrendous event yesterday in Connecticutt.  I sat most of the afternoon watching the tv in disbelief.  It is unthinkable that parents cannot send their children to school without fear of something as horrible as this happening to them.  One commentator asked "Is this our new norm?"  I pray it isn't and I hope that there can be something done to keep weapons out of the hands of those who would cause this sort of carnage.   This world has changed - and part of it is absolutely not for the good!  It is unacceptable!  May God bless all the families who were touched by this unthinkable happening.  I cannot imagine the depths of their sorrow. 


Leslie said...

Omg in the front porch picture you don't really have your mocks on do you!!!! Lol

Chartreuse Moose said...

Thank you for the lovely blog trip down memory lane! It reminded me so much of similar photos/times!!! Life seemed so simple back then.