Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in Ft. Madison

Our little house in Ft. Madison, Iowa, where we lived for approximately five years - our initial move down the line for the Santa Fe.  The entire office was moved from Illinois as was the office in Marceline, Missouri, and lots of us moved into the same subdivision.  With each house, you got the big lighted candle to use at Christmas.  Very pretty along with the other decorations in the neighborhood.  

I had a lot of plastic snowflakes that I used to decorate the picture window.  Must have used some sort of tape to make the panes.  I have always loved decorating and making things for Christmas. 
Sherry, Bill and I decorating the tree - our angel that lit up on the top.  Leslie, I see we have a box of "Shiney Brite" ornaments there!  The kids are very intent on getting the tree up.
We had a second tree in the basement.  One of my favorite memories is when Bill so enthusiastically said as he as putting on the ornaments and tinsel - "This is togetherness!!"  
Two big grins from the kids.  Probably we were ready to go to the Sunday School program.  Note another of my creations - the felt nativity scene that I made from something in a magazine.  Hard to believe this was somewhere around 50 years ago.
I love this picture of Sherry - her hair probably is up in curlers and she has her little net cap on.  Oh, my, her mother is a victim of the days of Shirley Temple curls who has always thought - and still kind of does - that girls ought to have curly hair!  Bill is evidently pleased with his gifts.  I note that he has a car carrier off to the right of the picture.  Sweet days and sweet memories.


Pokey said...

Christmas always seems a bit brighter when shared with little ones, doesn't it? We miss those days, too. Merry Christmas, sweet Carol ~

leslie said...

Nice post carol. I too had to wear rag rolls so that i would have the long spiral curls. Have fun with family and safe travels to you all.