Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmases Past

Of all the pictures I have here at my house from both sides of my family, this is the only one that shows anything Christmas before our daughter was born.  This is the living room of my mom's parents, Dan and Maggie Pearce, who I have posted so much about on my Pieces of the Past blog.  There is not a single of picture of Jo, Bud or me anywhere at Christmas time - as small children through early adulthood.  No photos of gifts being unwrapped, family gatherings, nothing.  I have pictures in my head and memories but nothing that I can scan and post.
I will start here - back in December of 1951 -  when Sherry, our little daughter, celebrated her first Christmas.   This would have been one of the first Christmas photos.  Ray and I were the very proud and happy parents of this darling little girl.   The little ragdoll in front of her stroller (what do you think of that conveyance, Norah and Molly?) was made for her by our next door neighbor, Mid.    By the way, we also had baby buggies back then.

Sherry sits in her little chair that swung back and forth.   The things they have for babies now are so different than they were back in the early 50's.  You might also be interested in those curtains at the windows - organdy ruffled curtains.  I think there were four pairs and I can remember starching and ironing them!!  Like a nightmare, ladies!  Ironing used to be one big job -  but then laundry was, also!

Back to Christmas, I thought it might be fun to post some old photos and fond memories during this beautiful season.  I have been working on things but not much to show at the moment so will take a trip down memory lane over the next few days as I have time.  As I get older, I don't get nearly as much done as I used to (you have heard that before) - have not decorated much for Christmas and probably won't.  We will all be going out to Portland to meet sweet little Annie - I see dimples on the little doll!- so I won't be here and am not planning on having
any parties.  I am truly fine with that, also, since it means I won't have to cart everything back to the basement.  Since I am an equal opportunity great-grandma and want to show a picture of that darling little dude, Henry - here he is in a sweet picture his mom took of him with Lacey watching for his daddy to come home.
I love the way Norah takes little videos and lots of pictures of Henry.  I have so many memories of my little kids that I wish I had videos of - or at least pictures. 
Will do another post in a couple of days!  Will move on to just before we moved away from our home town to Ft. Madison, Iowa, where our Christmas celebrations were with both kiddies, Sherry and Bill.   Hope you enjoy my little memories of times past.   


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful pictures of memories from the past and the present! Thank you for sharing!!!

Hugs, Carolyn

Janet said...

I love looking at old pictures. We didn't have access to a camera when I was small so not many photos of me. I still like tinsel on a Christmas tree. Your tree has a lot. I love the floor in the picture of you and Ray too. Was it a rug or linoleum? We had linoleum in the living room kind of like that. So many differences from then until now--not all for the best either. Your littles are darling. Love the dimples.

carol fun said...

Love this post! I was born in '53 and there are pictures of me in a similar baby seat and I have clear memories of those organdy ruffled curtains in my aunt's house. I always thought they were so pretty. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Sherry said...

Love the walk down memory lane and am thinking of the fun memories we will make this Christmas!!

Jackie Fellows said...

your pics are great...thanks for sharing your pic and memories...I was thinking the same thing about the it...

leslie said...

Very sweet pictures friend. Christmas will be fun for you all, dont forget to pack your camera.