Sunday, December 16, 2012

One More Christmas Stocking

Annie has to have a stocking, too!  So this is what I made for her first Christmas.   Decided she most likely doesn't follow her great grandma's blog yet so it will be safe to post a picture of it.  The top is pinned awaiting to have the hem turned under and a tab added.  These fabrics are ones from her little quilt, and I found the cute little baby girl on the internet someplace.
I had planned on doing a cluster of french knots on the little bootie but got ahead of myself.   Just happened to find the small flower button that has a hole through the side so I could sew that on from the top.  Not exactly what I wanted but it covers the little black circle where the knots would have gone.  I don't think Annie will care.


Molly said...

Annie's going to love it! It's super cute : ) Can't wait to see you in a WEEK!!!

Jewels said...

This is perfect Carol - what a lovely stocking that I hope Annie has for years to come :). Save travels my friend.