Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Jelly Roll Piece

Sometime before Christmas, I bought a batik jelly roll (for you non-quilters, that is a roll of 2 12" assorted fabric strips - probably around 40 of them) but had never done anything with it.  In fact, I was not too excited about some of the fabrics in the roll.  Today I ran across it - I had been thinking of doing something with strips - so decided just to sew it together the way it was in the roll.  Some of the fabrics I love - others I never would have bought at all.   When I got started sewing them together, I was so pleasantly surprised at how pretty the fabrics are as they work off each other, even the ones I don't care for. 

Here are some of the last ones to go on.  It is not going to be big enough for a quilt so I think I will stop by the Park Bench next week and see if they have another one and that would make a generous - easy - quilt with a border of some kind.  I love, love, love color!    If there is not another one, it can be a pretty wallhanging or throw.  It felt good to do some sewing again - I have been rather draggy since I came home but feel much peppier today.  It usually takes a while to get back into a comfy little "rut" after the holidays. 

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