Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back in Time--Rerun

I am getting close to having my blog for five years now and have done posts on just about everything I have made, my family, my gardening, etc., etc.  Sometimes I find I try almost too hard to do a post just because I think I should which is absolutely silly!  I do notice that some of the other bloggers I have followed for a long, long time (feel like I know them!) seem to be posting more infrequently, also.  

This is the very first quilt that I posted on Funoldhag.  It is called Attagirl Carol! because it is the first time I ever did any curved piecing.  Some of the fabric in this quilt is butt ugly, but it all works out well and blends very nicely.  Figured maybe I would bring some of the older pieces forward since I am sure there are many different folks looking in on my blog than there were in 2008.  My guild buddies who have known me for a long time will probably remember some of these. 

I am not nearly as productive now as I was in the past years, but I am still very enthused and love my quilting as much as ever.  Still want to do everything I see but know that is not realistic.  However, I will do as much as I can for as long as I can.  Will absolutely not stop buying fabric!!  And on another note, since I had the transfusion at the beginning of last week I feel soooooo much better.  I am able to get so much more done - had really been dragging my butt!  Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the basement putting away the fabric I had scattered all over - could not have done that last week.  It really is like night and day.  I am so thankful to feel better and will be glad to hear what the tests say.

Here are some pictures of the very first quilt I ever finished.  I quilted designs I found from various sources on large blocks of a beautiful cotton sateen.  It was quilted lapquilted style - I did it by rows - that is a pain in the neck, I tell you!   But it worked.  Also quilted each border then sewed it all together - hand sewing the backing together.  Big job, but it is a beautiful old quilt.  I finished it in 1984. I am quite proud of my hand quilting - didn't know I could take those tiny stitches.  However, I could not do that anymore. 

If you enjoy my old work, I will post more when I run dry on other things.

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